Village Marketplace

You will find many unique wares offered by our merchants as you stroll through the village marketplace.  Check back for an updated list of our 2019 merchants.


Dynamic Alley

Purveyor of fine hand-crafted wizard wands, dragon eggs and so much more.

Dynamic Alley offers premium handcrafted wizard wands.  Each one hand sculpted and meticulously painted by hand.  Choose from many designs or have Melanie create a custom wand just for you.  Party favor wands are all handmade and are perfect for your party, wedding, or event.

Hand sculpted dragon eggs, polymer clay crochet hooks and makeup brushes, and feather pens are just a few of the unique items you’ll find.

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Royal’s Place

Satisfy your medieval cravings with Leg of Beast (smoked turkey legs), Leg of Wee Beast (chicken drumsticks), Troll Fingers (pickles on a stick), and more!  Join us for the Royal Feast, a three-course prime rib feast where you can dine with the Royal Court in fine medieval style!.                       

Creation Abomination

Alan Thompson, Author

Alan Thompson is the author of a new Supernatural Science Fiction Thriller titled Creation Abomination. Alan originally had the idea for Creation Abomination back in 1995, at which time he wrote a detailed, 28-page outline of the story and then let it sit on the shelf collecting dust for many years. In 2010, he was inspired to complete this book and he started both researching and writing. By the middle of 2016, he completed his first draft and went through multiple rounds of edits over 1 1/2 years. Creation Abomination was published in March of 2018.

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You can pick up a digital or print copy of Creation Abomination on Amazon. In addition, you can learn more about Alan and Creation Abomination at, or by following @creationabomination on Facebook or Instagram.


Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium

Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium offers handmade sketchbooks and journals, and souvenirs personalized in historical calligraphy styles.  


Black Wolf Blades

Black Wolf Blades

Black Wolf Blades has a large selection of historical and fantasy swords, daggers, axes and other weapons.



Endless Summer Shave Ice, Co.

Lemonade Cafe Idaho

Maille and Things

Handcrafted chain maille and bead fusion jewelry, and accessories. You’ll find unique items such as: Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces/Chokers, Key Chains, Head Pieces/Circlets, Maiden/Princess belts, Gypsy Belts, Chain Maille Sculptures (IE: Fairies, Angels, Owls, Dragons), Rings, Anklets, Chain Maille Bags, Book Marks, Hair clips/Head Bands, Pins, Sun Catchers, Rear view Mirror charms, Chain Maille Juggling Balls/Hacky Sacks, and Chain Maille Fishing Lures.



Jordan B Jolley, Author

Jordan Jolley is the author of a new fantasy adventure series. The Tales of Draco is an epic story about dragons, dwarves, and other creatures. Author’s Bio coming soon. You can keep up to date on Jordan’s books and appearances by visiting:









Black Bear Family Farms








Locally grown vegetables, cut flowers, and herbs and homemade premium jams and bread.




Julia’s Custom Stitches and Renaissance Photo Booth

Get your photo taken at this unique green screen photo booth.  Costumes are available and you can choose your background.  What a great way to remember your trip to the faire!  Also offering Renaissance clothing and accessories, dragon plushies, and D&D miniatures and dice pouches.






Ruby’s Armory








Kids weaponry, handmade trinkets, and art crafts.



Grant Hunsaker

Dice bags and leather items.


Robin Kennedy

Authentic Viking jewelry.


Weapon Masters

 Specializing in real-world “battle-ready” replicas and licensed products consisting of swords, knives, and other weaponry products.




V&E Enterprises

V&E Enterprises is dedicated to promoting literacy and guiding independent authors in their journey.  Valerie has been writing for over 25 years and has several books published.  You will find books by Valerie and several other independent authors.