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We are a yearly renaissance faire in East Idaho, dedicated to education and fun.  Step back in time with us and you will find yourself somewhere between myth and history.

Join us for a weekend that hearkens back to a simpler time where friends, loved ones, and families can enjoy an honest day of laughter, smiles, and fellowship.


Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Snake River Renaissance Faire to inspire the imagination and make history come alive in a fun and entertaining interactive learning experience for young and old alike.  To encourage involvement with the Renaissance era and promote the development of a positive self-image and self-discipline while building confidence and character.


Veteran Owned Business


Snake River Renaissance Faire is a veteran-owned business. We want to give back to the community by supporting servicemembers, first responders, and veterans.

Our faire gives veterans a chance to become involved with a community event to inspire, educate, and enrich the lives of others. 

It is our goal to promote and support our communities, the arts, and education.

As a disabled veteran, it can be difficult to stay focused on the positive things in life. LaRoy found that the Renaissance Faire gives him a place to focus his mind and energy and a way we can get involved with and help the community.

We want to help other veterans and community members find an outlet to help them focus on the positive and become involved with the community as well. We offer many different opportunities to become involved with faire, such as planning and preparation of the faire, volunteer positions with the faire, being a merchant, and performing at the faire.



Our Goals

  • Promote and support the arts, education, and imaginationFoster education through re-enactment, interaction, presentation, and participation
  • Provide a venue for musicians, actors, and artisans to showcase their talents and wares; including live demonstrations, entertainment, and hands on experiences for attendees.
  • Create opportunities for community involvement through reading program partnerships and more.
  • Bring revenue to the surrounding communities as participants and faire-goers frequent local businesses during the event (hotels, restaurants, site-seeing, stores, etc.).
  • Provide a venue for non-profit 501c3 organizations to raise funds and/or awareness for their group.Support our servicemembers, first responders, and veterans.

Charitable Organizations

We encourage charitable organizations to participate in our Renaissance Faire. Organizations can provide entertainment, activities for attendees or operate a booth to sell items or promote the organization, or possibly raise funds for your organization in other ways.  Products and services must be approved by the faire organization committee in advance.


Faire Hours

August 2, 3 & 4, 2019

Friday Faire      11 am to 8 pm

Friday  Royal Feast          7pm

Saturday Faire       11 am to 8 pm

Saturday  Royal Feast          7 pm

Sunday Faire     11 am to 6 pm