Games and Activities




Snake River Doodles Therapy Animals & Petting Zoo

We offer a terrific petting zoo that your friends and family will remember forever. Our miniature horses and goat love to get led around, brushed, and fed treats. The ducks can be pet and are very friendly. Our rabbits are very docile and love kids. They can be hauled around and also love treats. We have our bearded dragon can be handled and loves to be on a chest or a shoulder just “hanging out”. Our mini pig walks on a lead and is too funny to see roll over for belly rubs. We also have a baby Sulcata Tortoise named Earthquake that will one day be over 100lbs. Even our sweet geese will eat from your hand and can be pet. Finally, the guinea pigs… are so sweet and squeal with excitement when they see people.





Binary Cocoa – Board Games

Sit down and play one of several board games created by Binary Cocoa. These fun and unique board games have elements that go all the way back to games played during the Renaissance period such as:  Nine Men Morris, Fox and Geese and Hnefatafl.




Iris the Bubble Fairy

All the Realm will be enchanted by Iris the Bubble Fairy as she wanders around the faire weaving her magic with bubbles.  Who knows … you might even be lucky enough to receive a bubble stone!







Axe Throwing

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at axe throwing?  Here’s your chance!  Phoenix QRF will have a booth set up where you can give it a try.