Join us as we make history come to life through demonstrations of period arts and crafts.



The Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur and the Knights are out crusading but the Round Table will be on display.   

Thank you Wizarding Dayz for the use of the Round table.















Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium

Learn about the history of writing tools in medieval times, and see the basic foundations of writing in calligraphy.

After the lesson, try your hand at using a broad writing tool or have Lady Rebecca personalize a bookmark for you.







Swords, Spears, and Axes, Oh My!

Presentation by C. David Belt

Forget movie props and flimsy replicas, these are the real things!
How they were made, how they were worn, and how they were used.
Dive into the history of real-life weapons.

Weapons and armor will be on display throughout the weekend at V&E Enterprises’ booth.  These are real weapons and armor and some of them are very old!
















Stop by to watch demonstrations on how a coal forge works and see some of the items that can be made.