Our Mission and Vision – Outreach

Hail and well met! We are excited to present Snake River Renaissance Faire, a new community-focused Renaissance event in East Idaho. We would like to introduce ourselves and share our mission and vision for the faire.

Who We Are

We are LaRoy and Melanie Hansen of Sugar City, Idaho. We have operated several home-based businesses along with our regular jobs and LaRoy’s 28-year career in the Idaho Army National Guard.

LaRoy’s time in the National Guard saw 14 years of active duty and two overseas deployments. Since his retirement, we have made many adjustments as LaRoy integrated back into civilian life, from finding employment to learning to live with disabilities sustained during service.


Our Mission and Vision

Getting involved with and running a Renaissance faire is something we found that we both enjoyed. This endeavor allows us to work together to build a business doing something we love. It gives LaRoy a place to focus his mind and energy on, other than the difficulties of dealing with his disabilities.

We also feel the faire is a means that allows us to reach out to veterans and anyone in the community who are dealing with challenges or disabilities.

We provide many different opportunities to become involved with the faire. These include things such as working as part of our team and our other volunteer positions, as a merchant, performing or doing demonstrations, and as a fair-goer. We provide a venue where other individuals and organizations that strive to help others to reach out to the community.

Whether you are a veteran, are living with a disability or other challenges, or just want to get involved with the community, we encourage you to join us as a fun way to gain insight and appreciation for the Renaissance era. We want to promote the development of a positive self-image and self-discipline while building confidence and character.